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We Have Lost Another

It was announced today that Rosemary passed away on Monday. She was deeply involved with the Starsky and Hutch fandom, but of course also wrote stories for Pros. In fact, it was her story His Reply that was the first Pros story I ever read. I was fortunate to meet her, many years ago. She was a kind, generous, bright spirit. Hold your fannish friends close today.

I always wondered

There was always something in Not a Very Civil Civil Servant what made me wonder. And now, after I catched some screenshots I found out what it is.

When I watched the pub brawl there is one scene where we can see Bodie's nice bum and the skin on his lower back. Looke here. There is nothing between his jacket and his skin. (It is at 16 minutes, 45 seconds)

But not twenty seconds later, at 17:03 he wears a vest. When did he have the time to put it on? Or to put it into his trousers again?

I must admit, that really made me smile. :-)

Is anyone doing NaNoWriMo?

I am, and I'd love a writing buddy. Read more...Collapse )

Remembering ML Mead

Today it's three years that Moonlightmead passed away. I thought it might be nice to remember her.

Three Dark and Stormy Nights

(written for the Tea and Swiss Roll Bulwer Lytton Challenge for the worst opening line) in 2010 and 2014

It's not the actual time of the challenge (Feb) but it seems appropriate for this time of year.

I've added links to the original pages for your enjoyment.

Anyone want to play?

Read more...Collapse )

A bit of Bodie

As a Doyle girl, it's rare that I do many Bodie pics. One caught my eye to play with today however. Dunno if I made a good job of it? You tell me!

The Ones That Got Away

One of the nice things about doing lots of artwork for a BB challenge, is looking through all the pictures that didn't quite make the grade but you like too much to delete. A bit like these ones :

Me And The Boys

At somewhere between 7 and 8 years old, I fell in love with ‘The Professionals'.

This was a hit and miss affair with my parents as I prayed each week that they’d be tired or forgetful or just not caring enough, that I was still in the front room after my own watershed before they were reminded of my presence.

I simply LIVED for those opening credits and would happily have given my own life the next day as long as my parents let me stay up till the end.

At 13 years old, I’d discovered pop groups and an invitation to see Lewis Collins in panto was swiftly pooh-poohed. The fact that a favoured aunt bothered to meet him backstage to obtain an autograph for me was only greeted by muted interest by my hormonally stupid self.

In my late 20’s I saw an episode and instantly thought back to my much younger imaginings into what I now know as ‘slash fiction’. New to the internet, I searched and found the material that had been in my head for years.

Fast forward another 20 years. I’d gone through two partners, one who was so needy that I never had time to consider things such as ‘fandom’ and the next who became jealous, (and finally violent towards me) because in my spare time I wrote stories and made videos based on ‘The Professionals’.

Give or take another few years and I now live on my own.
Many may say I live in a fantasy world, but that’s not the worst place to be. I still have the issues that the working world faces, getting bills and having to work to pay them. I struggle with much of everyday life but am enough happy in my own way.

I can’t remember a night when I haven’t imagined one of the boy’s arms closing around me. I’m no Mary-Sue however. I’m not ‘me’ but one of the boys. I live in their loving little world as a constant, thinking as them, speaking as them and hopefully doing as they’d do.

As nearly a 50 something, I go looking for other likeminded creatures. I scour pages, posts and websites like a being possessed. We’re getting few and far between now, us true fans.

I’ve no shame in living my life in a fictional world from nearly 40 years ago. I could never love anyone as much as I’ll always love Ray Doyle so there’s no future in relationships for me.

My one hope is that they’ll always be people to love and admire this amazing fandom, the actors, the stories and above all else, the beloved characters.
Bodie and Doyle run through my blood. I hope they do in yours too x

One More For The Collection

Title: One More For The Collection
Author: ubicaritas
Archive: Yes
Pairing and/or characters: Bodie/Doyle
Rating: Teen
Word count: 6600
Warnings: None

Disclaimer:  Just taking the lads out to play for a while. I’ll return them when I’m done. No infringement of copyright intended.

Finally got the whole story completed!
(This is my response for weekly obbo 338 'blushing', which took place a few weeks ago... I had originally posted just an excerpt.)

Posted to AO3:  https://archiveofourown.org/works/16091249

Colourful Lads

While working on my BB-Art I was playing with GIMP. I didn't know what you can do with this program. It is nice. Here are some of the (really) colourful results.


Jigsaw B & D Aneurism
More hereCollapse )


Jigsaw Doyle Rainbow

Obbo 339 Reconsidering

Title: Reconsidering
Author: Merentha13
Pros-Lib / Circuit Archive: Yes
Pairing and / or characters: Bodie/Doyle
Rating: everyone
Word count: 100
Warnings: no warnings, but definite apologies to all
Disclaimer: Just borrowing the lads, no copyright infringement intended

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?”
“Nah – well, maybe.”
“’s not like you to give it up so easily, Ray, although I agree, it is hard.”
“I’m re-evaluating the consequences.”
“If you want to reconsider, I’ll understand.”
“No, I definitely think there’s a need to reassess the package.”
“If you don’t get it settled now, it’ll only come up again.”
“Thinking things through – it seems wrong to ask.”
“Bollocks! Go on then, shift yourself.”
“Yeah, what’s the worst that could happen?”
“Open the door, Doyle.”
“Mr Cowley, I’d like to revisit my request for a pay rise...”

Obbo 339 (Art) Prompt : 'Collapse'

I call this, 'Frazzled agent collapses in bed after a busy day leaving Britain once again smelling ever so slightly of roses and lavender'.

Obbo 339 (Art) Prompt : 'Reconsider'

I don't know what he's reconsidering but I think it may well be Phillipa ...

Obbo 339 (Art) Prompt : 'Collapse'

He DOES collapse in the end (honest)


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