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Hey I'm back

Hey Im back and taking requestsso feel free to message me if you wish xxx

Random Who Dares Wins (public) artwork

A friend saw this near Brick Lane, East London, at the weekend. Not sure how long it's been there. People may have noted it on this comm before.

Icons for Every Episode - Long Shot

Here are some icons too.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Icons for Every Episode - Long Shot

I'm not very good at icons, but I said I'd have a go, and then missed the very first ep, so here's a few I tried for Long Shot. Even these few took me a ridiculous number of hours - yes, hours! So maybe I shall ask for help with improving them at the same time! All advice and ideas gratefully received - I'd love to be able to make those really clear, really interestingly-backgrounded icons that some people can manage!

So this is the first one I did - the one that really really took hours, because I stripped away the background, and pasted the lads onto a texture, and then had to get rid of that hard line you get around the cut-out... oh, and tried sharpening it too! And added a wee flare for some detail in the corner/balance. All working it out as I went along again, because I've done it all before, but not for ages, and of course the new GIMP that I downloaded is a bit different from the last version I had. I'm not unhappy with it, but I wish the lads stood out more... maybe they just need to be bigger? I was trying not to crop Bodie's head off, but maybe I just should have... *g*
BD gold (bsl)

I tried Doyle with a similar thing, but it's just not very interesting.
D YellowBackground (bsl)

Then I had a play with some text.
BD RunningAllTheWay BD RunningAllTheWaySir
I love that bit at the end where Bodie pushes Doyle into racing to get to the car, and my screencap came out nice and speedy-looking - but the icon didn't much, and there wasn't really room for the text... So I went for the red tracksuits next, but I'd not saved a screencap of them actually jogging. Sir is in this one, though. *g*

And finally I just did some crop-and-sharpen ones of pics that I liked...
B InBushes (bsl) CowleyPoint

..and experimented with Cowley's colours... (would you say he was a Spring..? *vbg*)
CowleySmile CowleySmileSepia

It was fun doing it, anyway - even if I did rather lose Saturday to it! Luckily there's a spare day at the weekend this week... *g*
So, I missed Wednesday because we harvested plums and potatoes till late in the evening and yesterday I was to tired. But today I made them. So have fun with my icons for the episode Long Shot.

As always, feel free to use them, but please give credit in the comments to the icons if you do so. Thanks.






So, it is the first Wednesday in August and the second month in the "Let's create icons for every episode" project.

Since we're going for the production order of the series this months episode is Long Shot.

For all of you who haven't the DVDs or BluRays or VHC, you can find images either on Tauna's Slash Den or on The Professionals Image Library by Lisa.

Posting for icons from this episodes starts at August 21st. Looking forward to seeing you and the results.

Icons for Every Episode - ODWNT

it was great fun - thank you for this project.

These are my icons for sharing.

I have 2 icons to share (+ one I've been using off and on for years as my user pic!):

chalk and cheese icon

pull icon

Note: Screencaps are from Lisa's Video Frame Capture Library
My last post vanished into Nirvana (I don't know where it's gone), so I'll try again.

Here are my icons for Old Dog With New Tricks. Feel free to use them if you like them, but please give credit to me.

First one from the beginning .


And one I like much.

three tough guys.png

The rest are under the cut.
IconsCollapse )

And of course my fun-icon.

This is a little reminder for all of you creative people who are willing to play with me. Tomorrow is the first day for our "Let's Create  Icons For Every Episode" project. Remember, the first Wednesday for posting is tomorrow and you have one week to post your icons.

And this weeks episode is Old Dog with New Tricks.

In an melancholy mood

Hello Guys

Have you ever fallen for someone who didnt feel the same about you? Well recently it happened to me. To cut the long story short I fell for a work colleague and he basically didnt feel the same way 😔😔

But I do think that being a romantic is actually helping surprise surprise. It has inspired me to do two things and the first is this one.

If it doesnt work then I apologise for some reason Im having trouble with my gifs at the moment. I will reveal the other idea soon xxx

How to create an icon - sort of workshop

Over at my "Let's Create An Icon" post jat_sapphire and ubicaritas9 asked how to create an icon. Maybe a little instruction would be a good idea.

I use the program XnView (thanks to firlefanzine who told me about it a long time ago) which is for free and is easy to work with. You can find it here XnView. It is available in English, German and France. I have only the German Version, so it is a little difficult for me to describe, but I made pictures and I hope they'll explain enough.

When you open the program you search for your folder with the pictures and open it. You can see your pictures on the upper right side.

If you click on the image you want to edit it will appear in the lower field. My choice here is Ruth Pettifer.

The next click on the image in the lower field opens a new tab where you can see the bigger image.

Now go to the navigation bar and click at "edit" and then you have to look at which moment the working-window with the ratio will appeare. There you have to choose 1:1.

Then click with the mouse on the image and drag the cursor so that a square is displayed. (I hope you can see the square in the picture). After that click on the little square where my cursor is (it says cut)

and you have Ruth Pettifer in a suare.

To resize the picture and create an icon go to the menu bar and open the fourth sign from the left. In German it is called "Bild", I hope in English they really used "picture" or "image". There is a point where you can change the size (my cursor shows it). Click there and it opens another box

which shows you the possibilities how you can change the size. There you have to say 100 x 100 and click "ok".

Your result should be an icon. And since LJ only accepts icons with a maximum of 40 kb it is better to safe them as jpg and not png, because png is to large.

I hope my explanation isn't to bad and you can work with this. Oh, and you have also the possibility to put some text into your icon. So go and play. :-)

Trying to clarify fannon and cannon

Who is better with a rifle? - with a hand gun?

I think I keep quoting fannon. . . . Doyle is better with the hand gun, Bodie the rifle.

In the Rack - Doyle is said to be a A1 marksman. . . .

Is there canon to support their prowess with weapons?

Thank you!
First I want to apologise. I wanted to start with this project last Wednesday, but it was hot and I was home soooo late and when I remembered it was Sunday and I thought "No, you said we do it on a Wednesday. So it won't matter if I wait two more days."

So here I am to start the new T&SR project. Like I explained a few weeks ago I always thought about making icons for every episode and share them. And we'll do it in order of production listet here. Episodes listed in production order

Old Dog With New Tricks is the first episode, so we should start with it.

If you would like to join but don't have the DVDs or BluRay you can find screencaps to plas with here Lisa's Video Frame Caputure Library or here Tauna's Slash Den. Please remember to credit the sides if you use one of their pictures.

We all have two weeks to create the icons, that means that we start presenting them at Wednesday 17th and we all have till Wednesday 24th to post them. The next episode will start last Wednesday in July.

And if at any point we decide that we want to make a competition out of this project that would be fine be me too. I would just need somebody to create some banner for the winners because I'm not so good at that. :-)

Looking forward to your icons. :-)


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