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Exact wording of the quote...?

Senior brain here--"Tall, dark and engagingly handsome?"

Random First Line Generator

Fancied a quick write but had no ideas in my head. Try this if you fancy it, it pulls ideas out you never knew you'd had!

My random first line was:
'Dear Reader, I wish I could tell you that I made it all up.'

This is what I wrote x


Murphy Appreciation Post 😊😊

Besides from Bodie and Doyle I quite like Murphy and Jax and Cowley off course.

However this post is dedicated to Murphy, equally as handsome as Bodie and Doyle ☺☺☺

And is it just me or is there something in the way Murphy looks at Bodie? Could be my imagination playing tricks on me or this easter heat.....

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Guys xxxx
I know, it is a very short notice challenge. But maybe someone likes to join it.

The idea is to create a very funny, maybe very silly or, if you prefere that, a serious easter picture with the lads and every other person working at CI5 and share it with all of us.

I think about something like this

Grußkarte alle drei.jpg

Or maybe something like that


Or more serious?

no title

The challenge is open till Easter Monday. Feel free to play if you like.

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The Thousandth Man

"Hey. Thanks."


Hey - thanks

Line of professional duty...

Delighted that Line of Duty tonight included the call signs 3-7 and 4-5 for the key protagonists!
A nice doff of the cap there from Mr Mercurio!

Apr. 13th, 2019

playing with Bodie

playing with Doyle

Looks of Love 😍😍😍

I quite like the looks that Bodie and Doyle exchange. It is totally obvious how they truly feel about each other. The longing in their eyes is evident 😊😊😊

Apr. 8th, 2019


Written a new fanfic and just to say that once this one is complete I will begin a trilogy :)

Hope you like the first chapter of my new fanfic in the meantime xxx


tsw animated
Tea and Swiss Roll
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