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Another LJ Heads Up

Originally posted by fiorenza_a at Another LJ Heads Up

Hi, some of you will know natsuko1978
. A few hours ago natsuko1978 posted about a new problem with Lj. I've had a word with the comm mod and have permission to boost 'anywhere and to whoever'.

Basically the gist is this:
You might or might not have noticed, but in the past month or so many journals have been suspended without warning or notification by LJ. This appears to be because LJ implemented a new script to catch spambots, except this new script seems to potentially mark as spam any post containing links that go out of the site (to Mega, MediaFire, etc.) Once a journal has been marked as "spambot," it will be deleted without warning or notice.

This is a measured, sensible post (follow this link) and there is more information in the post itself and in the comments.

Apparently, people who contacted LJ support after getting their accounts suspended either had it reinstated after a while with just a vague "we thought you were a bot" reply or didn't get any reply at all and their account remains lost. So far it seems to be random who manages to regain their account and who doesn't.


Spreading the Pros love


After discussing the current LJ situation over a few duelscocktails with the lads, the mods have decided to open up our dreamwidth site to those of our Pros brethren who've already jumped ship from LJ or are planning on it.

We invite you to post only on here on livejournal, only over on dreamwidth or to cross-post to both sites, as you will.

We're already open for business but we're still busy pulling off the dust covers and sprucing the place up a bit so please mind our dust.

If you would, PLEASE take this opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with the posting rules, etc. now duplicated on the DW profile as well.

Oh and our address remains essentially the same: http://teaandswissroll.dreamwidth.org/

p.s.: We're not copying the existing entries over to the DW site because the material contained within them is not ours to do as we choose with, obviously.

Originally posted by fiorenza_a at Flaming June, Flipping Terrorists & Peacocks in the Park

By my standards, this is a bit of an ambitious post - but others manage it, so here 'tis; an authentic, bloggy, 'what I did on my day off' type post.

It's a bit rambly, so I've spoiler cut most of it so you can pace yourselves :0)

The Tourist

[The Tourist]
So firstly, my day went a bit pear-shaped - I'm used to this, my life is 'shape du pear'. The plan was that I and my Bessie would go to London on the 24th - unfortunately, someone else's plan was that they would inflict their vicious, small minded hate on the innocent crowds and serving police officers going about their lawful business in and around Westminster on the 23rd.

Scrape off the barnacles and I'm a Londoner, of blitzed London stock. I lived with the everyday inconveniences of the lesser blitzkrieg of the IRA mainland campaign - the missing bins, the non-conductive letter openers, the pop-up detours, the bag searches, the bomb warnings - and I wasn't about to be stopped by a bastard on a bridge. My Bessie, however, is not of London stock (blitzed or otherwise), nor even of UK stock, come to that, and bowed gracefully to family pressure and bailed.

Bessies can do that, it's what makes them Bessies.

So I set off on my own. It's many moons since I've been back to London by coach - and I was rather impressed by the lack of grumpiness. No glaring at me like Cowley at a barrack room Doyle, as if I was the spawn of Satan, for having the termerity to call the bluff of the small print and actually bring refreshments on board - nay verily - cup holder!

I have to admit I harbour a perverse nostalgia for the dangerously under-maintained, creaky, dusty, musty tube of yore - but I expect those with disabilities, and commuters and tourists in general, appreciate the upgrades - and live in the hope of being blessed with ever more.

So, amused by finding myself feeling like a tourist in my own city, I made my way to Kensington High street and from thence to Leighton House Museum. A jewel box of a place, of whose existence I had been hitherto unaware.

The draw for my quest was the fact that Flaming June, painted there by the Leighton of Leighton House, was back in the country and on display in the very place it had been created. Flaming June is at the top of my all time favourite paintings - I'm a huge, if woefully ignorant, Pre-Raphaelite fan.

Leighton House Montage.png

Visitors are asked not to take photographs inside the museum, but nobody said anything about outside or through the windows, so...

Sadly, however, my ingenuity failed when it came to snapping a rather tucked away little case, ignored by my fellow tourists and art enthusiasts.

This little gem held a set of martial regalia, which had a completely unexpected link to my plans for the rest of the afternoon. It appears that the man who was to become Frederic, Lord Leighton, fêted for his services to the arts, also had another string to his bow. He was a founding member of The Artists Rifles, which would eventually become part of the Special Air Service (Reserve) - a regiment of which is, apparently, the current custodian of said martial regalia, all that is left of what must have been a splendidly impractical uniform.

Although, by all accounts, the man himself was a committed military officer.

The Peacocks
[The Peacocks]

Boris Bikes.JPG

Eventually, I took myself away from Leighton House and headed for the park in search of a rather special Prosy connection.

At least, it's special for me - Fall Girl - not everyone's favourite ep, I know (and I have ProsWatch to prove it!).

But one that has always fascinated me, a fascination I have explored in fic, A Hill of Beans, and, thanks to Warner having yet another takedown war with YouTube, now in a world-wide banned vid, currently only accessible on Vimeo (via AO3).

However, the first thing to arrest my attention (apart from the designated dog toilet - I'm not sure that should be quite such an outstanding entrance feature!) was the blue board prominently displaying the park's opening hours.

Holland Park Notice Board Montage.png

It was such a blast from the past, I can't remember the last time I saw a park with honest-to-goodness opening hours (just as well really, my entire family misjudged our local park once and got locked in and had to clamber out over a robustly implacable gate). Anyhow, reminiscences of misadventure apart, the next board I came to had an image of Flaming June. The whole afternoon rippled with echoes. Weird, but cosily satisfying.

I picked my entrance at random, unaware until I walked through it, that there was an Ilchester Place Entrance. The histories of Ilchester and Silchester have simmered away on the back burners of my mind for years, because of their differing fates as Roman settlements.

My next encounter with the ripples of the afternoon came in the form of a peacock. The staircase in Leighton House was adorned with a life-like, but quite lifeless, stuffed peacock - the antiquity of which is anybody's guess. I'm not sure I'd want a large dead bird on my staircase, no matter how vibrantly feathered.

Preening Peacock.JPG

However, the next peacock I saw was a rather surly foul who glared at me accusingly, as if it suspected me of being complicit in the fate of the earlier bird.

This, however, is not that foul. It transpires that in 1991 the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce gifted to Holland Park a rather beautiful, if bijou, garden.

As I was loitering on the bridge in this garden, admiring the chubby koi, a pair of peacocks came pelting towards me at the breakneck speed of messrs B&D on the trail of a wanted Russian. And just like B&D faced with a hapless bystander, they hesitated nary a second, dashing past on either side of me and disappearing into the undergrowth - much to the amusement of the lady standing just behind me and the gasping astonishment of a gaggle of less sanguine citizens.

The bird I eventually photographed I found  lurking in a quiet spot, absorbed in preening its feathers.


The House
[The House]
Having survived my brush with Holland Park's answer to the Bisto Kids, I went in search of the real thing.

This did not go as well as might have been expected, given that I was looking for the hulking remnants of a substantial property.

Lord Holland.JPG

I found a statue of this guy in the middle of a pond...

          ....and yet another (or possibly the same) peacock at the top of this rise...

Daffodil Walk.JPG

I found dog walkers and tourists and people taking their ease, but no house.

Undeterred, I persisted wandering lonely as a cloud with my investigations.

Holland Park Formal Garden.png

Happily, after a while, the trail began to warm up...

                        See? Warming up nicely.

Holland House Approach.png

It transpires that there are friends of Holland Park and that these friends have plans. So, in the end, this is as close as I got to Bodie and Marikka.

Holland Park Entrance.pngHolland House Works.png

Which can only mean one thing, I'll be back - with Bessie in tow. After all, you can't let your Bessie miss out on all this!
Originally posted by fiorenza_a at Article 10.2 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-ФЗ

Righty-ho, so ever curious, I tried Google and found this doc and requested a translated version:

Federal Law of 27.07.2006 N 149-FZ "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection"

I post it without comment (although, it might be nice if Lj would confirm that this is the relevant legislation and that this is the latest version of said legislation).

I've lifted Article 10.2. and put it under a spoiler cut, not from a sense of ironic whimsy (I'm not that clever), but simply because it's a bit unwieldy and a normal Lj cut unravels automatically when you access the post.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Article 10.2. Features of dissemination by the blogger of public information

1. The owner of the site and / or pages of the site on the Internet, where public information is located and accessed by more than three thousand Internet users during the day (hereinafter referred to as the blogger), when placing and using the specified information, Including when placing this information on these site or site page by other users of the Internet, is required to ensure compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, in particular:

1) to prevent the use of the website or the website page in the Internet for the purpose of committing criminal acts, for disclosure of information constituting a state secret or other secret specially protected by law, for the dissemination of materials containing public appeals for the performance of terrorist activities or publicly justifying terrorism, Other extremist materials, as well as materials that propagate pornography, the cult of violence and cruelty, and materials containing obscene language;

2) to check the reliability of the public information to be placed before its placement and immediately remove the placed inaccurate information;

3) prevent the dissemination of information about the private life of a citizen with violation of civil legislation;

4) observe the prohibitions and restrictions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation on the referendum and the legislation of the Russian Federation on elections;

5) comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation governing the distribution of mass information;

6) observe the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, including honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens, business reputation of organizations.

2. When placing information on a website or a website page in the Internet, it is not allowed:

1) use of the site or page of the site in the Internet for the purpose of concealing or falsifying publicly significant information, dissemination of knowingly unreliable information disguised as reliable messages;

2) dissemination of information in order to discredit a citizen or certain categories of citizens based on sex, age, race or nationality, language, attitude to religion, profession, place of residence and work, as well as their political beliefs.

3. A blogger has the right:

1) freely search, receive, transmit and distribute information in any way in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

2) present their personal judgments and assessments on their website or website page on the Internet with their own name or pseudonym;

3) place or permit the posting on its website or page of a website on the Internet of texts and (or) other materials of other Internet users, if the placement of such texts and (or) other materials does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation;

4) distribute on a reimbursable basis advertising in accordance with civil law, Federal Law of March 13, 2006, No. 38-FZ "On Advertising" on its website or website page on the Internet.

4. The abuse of the right to disseminate public information, expressed in violation of the requirements of parts 1, 2 and 3 of this article, entails criminal, administrative or other liability in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. The blogger is obliged to place his name and initials, an e-mail address on his website or website page on the Internet, for sending him legally significant messages.

6. The blogger is obliged to post on his website or page of the site in the Internet immediately upon receipt of a court decision that has entered into legal force and contains a demand for its publication on the website or page of the site.

7. Owners of sites on the Internet, which are registered under the Law of the Russian Federation of December 27, 1991 No. 2124-1 "On the Mass Media" as online publications, are not bloggers.

8. The federal executive body, which exercises control and supervision functions in the sphere of mass media, mass communications, information technologies and communications, maintains a register of sites and / or pages of sites on the Internet, where public information and access to Which during the day is more than three thousand users of the Internet. In order to ensure the formation of the register of websites and (or) pages of sites in the Internet, the federal executive body, which exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media, mass communications, information technology and communications:

1) organizes monitoring of sites and pages of sites in the "Internet" network;

2) approve the methodology for determining the number of users of a site or page of a site in the Internet network per day;

3) have the right to request from the organizers of the dissemination of information in the Internet, bloggers and other persons the information necessary for maintaining such a register. The said persons are obliged to provide the requested information no later than ten days after receiving the request of the federal executive body, which exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media, mass communications, information technologies and communications.

9. In case of detection in the information and telecommunication networks, including in the Internet, of sites or pages of sites where public information is located and accessed by more than three thousand Internet users within 24 hours, including consideration of the relevant Appeals of citizens or organizations, the federal executive body that exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media, mass communications, information technologies and communications:

1) includes the specified site or page of a site in the Internet in the register of sites and / or pages of sites on the Internet, where public information is located and access to which within three days of more than three thousand users of the Internet;

2) determines the hosting provider or other provider of the site or site page in the Internet network;

3) notify the hosting provider or the person specified in clause 2 of this part of the notice in electronic form in Russian and English of the need to provide data to identify the blogger;

4) fix the date and time of sending the notification to the hosting provider or the person specified in clause 2 of this part in the relevant information system.

10. Within three working days from the receipt of the notification specified in clause 9 (3) of this article, the hosting provider or the person specified in clause 9 (9) 2) of this article is required to provide data allowing the identification of the blogger.

11. After receiving the data specified in clause 9 (3) of this article, the federal executive body, which exercises control and supervision functions in the field of mass media, mass communications, information technology and communications, sends a notification to the blogger about the inclusion of its site or page of the site in the register of sites and (or) site in a network "Internet" is hosted public information and access to which during the day is more than three million users network "Internet", with the indication is required Nij legislation of the Russian Federation applicable to this Site or the page of the site in a network "Internet".

12. In the event that access to the website or website page within the Internet for three months is less than three thousand users of the Internet within a day, this site or this page of the site in the Internet on the blog's request is excluded from Register sites and (or) pages of sites on the Internet, where public information is located and access to which within three days of more than three thousand users of the Internet, to which the blogger is sent a notice. The given site or the site page in the Internet can be excluded from this register in the absence of a blogger's application if access to this site or website page on the Internet for six months is less than three thousand users of the Internet within a day .

(Article 10.2 introduced by the Federal Law of 05.05.2014 N 97-FZ)

If I have inadvertently offended against the rules of the communities to which I've posted, either by means or content, please let me know and I will amend/remove my post as directed.

The Untouchables at Wesel

A few weeks ago firlefanzine and me were in a small town called Wesel. And there is a museum for Prussian military history. And there I found a sign which remindes me of one scene from the episode "The Untouchables".

What do you think? Does it fit or not?

The Untouchables_korrigiert

Scene from The UntouchablesCollapse )



I was just searching around on IMDB and I found that there's a Professionals film sitting (thankfully) in development hell.
It just got me thinking: is there any form that you'd like to see the show come back? Or should we let it stay in nostalgic amber? Without Mr's Shaw, Collins and Jackson, it would be a little strange.

I don't necessarily mean a feature film, or anything to do with TV at all. Personally, I think that the Professionals would make a brilliant episodic video game in the style of Telltale (but I'm a huge Telltale fan and gamer nerd in general :-) ).

Maybe if they did a few books or graphic novels or something? I'm just interested in what everyone else thinks.



Interesting book chapter

While doing some web searching at work today I snuck in some slightly more interesting topics and came across this book chapter, originally published in 2006 but now available open access on the web, and I thought I would share in case anyone would like to have a read..........athough I am sure some wil have seen this before

So here is the details of the chapter:

Stasi, M. (2006) 'The Toy Soldiers from Leeds: The Slash Palimpsest' in K. Hellekson and K. Busse (Eds). Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet (pp: 115 - 133). London: McFarland.

And here is the link:


Hope you find it interesting.
Yes, I am back after still so many months. Again. The story was never forsaken but , I have to admit, becoming a little stale. There were RL issues as I spent most of the year in my, sorely in need of repairs, family country house. Well, the end is at hand now.

Fandom: The Professionals
Title: Out of the Dark
Author: Francis Kerst (franciskerst)
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Bodie/Cowley
Rate: Mature
Warning: None
Archive: Anywhere
Summary: This is a dream (or is it not?)

When he awoke, hours later, Cowley was in his bed and Rover was licking his hand. The dog shouldn't be there. He shouldn't be there. But there he was: sweaty, heart pounding, mind confused. He couldn't figure how he had made it to the bedroom, much less how he had undressed. He was naked, tangled in a shambles of entwined blankets and smelly sheets. His head ached, his leg ached, his back concurred. He groaned and Rover whined in a high pitched wail.

Gerrof!” he croaked feebly, waving at the dog, “out!” and amazingly the dog obeyed.

Disentangling himself took time and cost him his last reserve of strength. He felt drained. For a while he remained completely motionless, trying to recover his wits. All he could gather were snatches of blurry images, fleeting but sharp sensations, snippets of dreams that worryingly looked like memories. Staying aware was hard enough, he had no wish to remember, didn't want to think, wouldn't dare to guess. Sleep was promise of oblivion and oblivion was peace. It was hardly dawn. He surrendered.


Read more...Collapse )


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